HealthIT Integration

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HealthIT Integration

Through our expertise, we can put your HIT to work for you

While many vendors are developing solutions to assist healthcare organizations with their adoption of EMR technology, these systems often have proprietary interfaces that are difficult to use, and the data is usually siloed, causing compliance and application interoperability issues that can be solved only through integration projects.

This is where the resources from CoreTech come in, we have the background knowledge of the EMR vendors and are able to combine that knowledge with our technical expertise of customizing their solution to your workflow. By implementing an interface engine, you can achieve that interoperability of a custom built enterprise EMR system without spending millions of dollars. An interface engine built by CoreTech offers:

  • High flexibility, enabling the user to customize according to their specific environment.
  • Exploratory functions, where a user can evaluate a trial and error process to determine proper settings for their specific focus.
  • A consistent layout for ease of use with high levels of functionality