Data Migration

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Data Migration

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Data migration is the process of moving data from one environment to a new one. This task is typically undertaken as a part of a larger application migration but may also be used to support migration from one database to another or between storage types and formats. Note that data migration is not, itself, a technology but really a specialized task that should be supported by a myriad of tools and techniques.

Data migration is needed for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Server or storage equipment replacements/upgrades
  • Implementation of new or upgraded applications, such as a new EMR system
  • Website consolidation
  • Data center relocation

We at CoreTech, along with many other experts, suggest that data migration will require use of several data profiling and discovery tools. You may also use data quality capabilities and additionally involve ETL, data archival and data masking technology. Test data management could be a need in some instances, as may replication, in order to support what are known as zero-downtime migrations. CoreTech offers the following services as it relates to data migration:

  • Project management resources to lead the definition, design, and implementation of a migration.
  • Testing design and management; this can eliminate costly overruns from duplicate or inaccurate data
  • Ensure accurate data that is accessible in a timely manner
  • Lessening the risk associated with moving from a legacy system to a new application
  • Data that is immediately available from the Go-Live event and into the future