Do You Need CoreTech?

We serve as your technology liaison so you can focus on patient care

Do You Need CoreTech?

Let CoreTech provide the heavy lifting for your next HIT project

HIT is a prominent part of healthcare business, but it shouldn’t overshadow the core focus: patient care. A prospective client would engage CoreTech as a consultant to manage HIT focused projects, oversee vendor progress, and leverage expertise that the client’s IT resources may be limited in. We partner with the following types of healthcare organizations:

  • Health Information Exchanges
  • Home Health
  • Hospice
  • Hospitals
  • Life Sciences
  • Long term/Post Acute Care (LTPAC)
  • Physician Practices

Answer the following questions and see if you may benefit from our services:

  • Are you implementing or upgrading your EMR?
  • Are you thinking of integrating various mobile applications within your core system?
  • Are you getting the most value out of your current EMR?
  • Are you limited on technical or managerial resources to handle IT projects?
  • Are you interested in improving the efficiency of your administrative team?
  • Are you looking for more ways to utilize technology to cut costs?
  • Do you want real time communication for health informatics?
  • Is reducing medical errors and increasing information accuracy important to you?