CoreTech's Healthcare Commitment

We are committed to Health IT, now and well into the future.

Our Healthcare Commitment

Trust our expertise in your business

our healthcare commitmentOur country's health care system is at a crossroads. Paper medical files are quickly becoming electronic medical records. Departments within a hospital who could only share information by a paper chart passed back and forth can now seamlessly share critical patient information electronically and in seconds. But these systems don't just occur overnight, we partner with you to carefully plan, develop and implement, ensuring success for both clinicians and most importantly, patients.

While there are more electronic solutions, they don't always talk to each other. We can integrate various data and systems across the organization so all of a patient’s information is in one place, allowing for informed and timely clinical decisions.

While billions will be spent in the next decade to develop a truly electronic, integrated healthcare system, every dollar still matters. You need a partner who has deep expertise and can develop the right solutions that adhere to the complex rules, regulations and policies in healthcare. You have our commitment to compliance, now and well into the future.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Healthcare Application Integration with Focus on HL7 Interfacing
  • EMR Implementation and Integration with other in house applications
  • Patient portal installation and maintenance
  • Custom interface development for new applications
  • Project management
  • Website development and maintenance